Meet The Staff

Norman Brandolph
The Skipper of inside sales

Born in 1902! Has over 50 years of electrical wholesaling experience.

The Elder statesman of the organization.Also goes by papa smurf, and father christmas. Likes his Mercedes wagon, and the casinos. Favorite quote,  I have a mind like an Elephant.




Christopher S. Bisler
Director of Business Development
Started in 2003. Education BS in Mechanical Engineering. Also worked in Architectural end of construction for 12 years.




Larry Lauriello
Purchasing Manager
AKA LL COOL J. Started in 1999.  If Larry doesn’t know, ask Marc. Likes playing guitar in his band and shooting pool. He is also a Wild and Crazy Flyers fan.











Mike DeFortuna
Truck Delivery Driver
AKA ” TUNA”  Has a lifetime of driving experience. Started here in 2014.  Sounds like Rocky from Rocky 1. Favorite quote is “YO” (YOOOOOO). He has a shoe rotation! He is the cream center of an Oreo. Likes Food more than Chris and Rus! (Hard to believe).









Russell A. Freed
Counter Sales Specialist AKA The Chef
Started in 2012, has 10 years of electrical field experience and 15 years of retail sales experience. Likes food, cookies, his truck and “Is one HELL of a model American.”













Warehouse security!
Responds to “Come here you, Get over here (with a swift leg slap).” And, “You crazy, Kitty!” Likes mice and birds! Is afraid of Stink bugs.